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"A good traveler has no fixed plan,

and is not intent on arriving."

- Lao Tzu

Spiritual Guidance

Navigating Lifes Challenges

About Scott

Scott Keith is a gifted psychic and spiritual teacher who has been providing answers and Insight to his clients for over 20 years. His easy going approach is welcoming to his clients from all walks of life. Scott likes to refer to himself as your "one-stop-psychic-shop" as his unique abilities cover many different spiritual areas. Relationships (both personal and professional), your life path, health concerns, connecting to loved ones who have passed over, and even questions about pets, and real estate. Scott can provide answers in all of these area and more. 


Originally from Philadelphia, Scott followed his heart to Los Angeles and now currently resides in Laguna Beach, California. Scott loves to travel, whether embracing the spiritual magic of the Hawaiian Islands or the rich history of old Europe, he naturally connects with energies wherever he goes. On request, Scott has travelled to meet with clients in various parts of the Country to look at real estate and to give in-person readings. However, Scott does most of his work over the phone from his home office, realizing that his clients are most receptive to receiving their spiritual information from the comfort of their own home wherever they reside on the globe. 


Most clients want to know about relationships, whether it be regarding a partner, sibling, or name it. Working with his clients' own Spirit Guides, Scott interprets their messages, providing guidance and peace of mind. As a Medium, connecting with a loved one who has passed on often gives his client's healing and an understanding into things that were perhaps left unsaid. 


As an animal advocate, Scott takes great pleasure in connecting spiritually with animals. Sometimes we just want to know what our furry friends are feeling, both emotionally and physically.  


Finding your life's work and career path can be difficult without guidance and sometimes we can all benefit from an outsiders perspective. Scott finds your passions and can steer you in the right direction when it comes to a fulfilling career and a life path that's right for you. 


Scott believes that we all could use help at times and he truly loves to be a part of lifting someone's mind, body, and spirit. With his down-to-earth demeanor Scott has built a loyal client base and assures complete confidentiality.  


Above all, Scott's approach to life is to live in abundance and unending happiness. Working with Scott can bring you clarity, peace of mind and answers to life's most important questions!

Laguna Beach

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